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10 Startups in Tunisia that All Eyes Expect to Contribute to Tunisian Economy in 2018

Tunisia is one of the MENA countries that has entrepreneurs who develop local solutions for global problems. The following startups play an important role in Tunisia.
Sollam is a tech startup that specializes in web, software and app development. The minds behind the startup mainly look for ways of solving various tech problems and provision of educative resources.
Katomi makes the management process of medical images easy since it optimizes the whole process through cloud application. Physicians recommend it for its secure storage and intelligent indexation in the healthcare industry.
APBS is a business school that offers bachelors degree and MBA programs which are taught in English. Currently, the startup offers business courses in line with accounting, banking, finance, and management.
Croisoft enhances communication since in some workplaces some individuals may not understand Arabic. The application, therefore, acts as a typing tutor and has an interface available in English, Arabic, and French. One learns Arabic from simple and common terms to difficult sentences with time.
Wide Media Extended ~ WMX ~
WMX helps media, large commercial enterprises, and advertising agencies to reach a larger audience by displaying the products and other products of their clients to customers. The organization mainly encourages innovation and technology, and it is also recommended in the entertainment, health, and military practices.
Vink has considered the number of citizens who use bank services and utilize the latest technology to reach remote areas to educate people on banking. They conduct this by partnering with various financial institutions and provide technical solutions where necessary.
Wassalni takes into account those who may have difficulty in traveling using public means of transport. The app allows sharing of taxi trips which are perceived to be more convenient and cost-effective.
Factory 619
Factory 619 was established to provide an enterprise ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovative startups. They offer offices working space for freelancers, startups and nomad workers. The facilities are well equipped and modern.
Medigarage is a gaming startup that incorporates artificial intelligence and robot tactics for users to play funny games on their platform. The organization also uses expert skills to develop other games which are controlled using smartphones. is a recruitment platform that tracks applications using programmed algorithms. The app makes the work of employees easy since the analysis required is done using the set programs.

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