Africa rising higher in science and technology fueled by the Next Einstein Forum (NEF): Far-reaching Impact

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF), a mentorship forum for Africa’s finest scientists and technocrats just released the list of its second Ambassadors Class of 45. The forum offers a platform of showcasing technologies and brilliant initiatives in response to challenges in Africa and beyond.

So before we even talk more about NEF, if you have an idea you believe is transformative, hit the and fill an application for enrollment as ambassador. The primary selection criteria require an applicant to be below 42 years of age and a citizen of Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, South Sudan, Comoros, Angola, Djibouti Lesotho Central Africa Republic, Guinea Bissau or Tunisia.

NEF, an African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and Robert Bosch Stiftung initiative commits resources for selected NEF ambassadors to grow their career and initiatives through mentorship. Moreover, they take the lead in the NEF Science Week, a high impact forum open to the public and that brings on board potential partners. The NEF chairman, Mr Thierry Zomahoun who also doubles up as the CEO of AIMS applauded the first NEF class of ambassadors for having run their Science Week so successfully. He further commended their efforts in propelling their initiatives which are impacting positively on the next scientists and technologists’ generation. On March 26th – 28th 2018, the 45 new ambassadors will join other scientists from across the globe in Kigali, Rwanda for the NEF Global Gathering.  His Excellency President Paul Kagame will be leading the delegation. Through such forums, NEF is making significant strides in placing Africa in the global scientific scene.

It takes a passion of raising Africa’s scientific profile to be a NEF ambassador. The selection criteria is usually pegged on academic progress, entrepreneurial abilities, and past public forums one has participated in, more so online – entirely holistic.

Of the 45 selected, 18 were innovative women with exceptional solutions to food insecurity, energy, fin-tech, etc. for local and global communities. The ambassadors will be coached by the newly formed NEF Community of Scientists in their respective career paths, expose them to broader networks in research and public engagements/speaking. Upon graduation, the ambassadors will be expected to lead public meetings on science and technology, participate in innovative fora, influence policy in Africa and offer mentorship to upcoming scientists and technologists.

I’m certain you want to know some of these out-of-this-space initiatives. Click here to view the list of the 45 with their initiatives.

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