5 tech developments to watch out for in Ghana and beyond

Africa is undeniably becoming one of the most important parts of the world for technology. Developing at rapid speeds, its tech output is quite staggering – and Ghana is one of the countries at the very forefront of the movement. Here are just some current and future tech developments to watch out for in Ghana and beyond.

More accessible and helpful technology

One thing developers are focusing on in Ghana is the creation of services that’ll help citizens in their day-to- day lives. Worldwide tech staples such as Uber have already reached the country, but internal startups and developments are introducing unique new services that’ll help Ghanaians thoroughly.

An example of Ghanaian tech providing helpful services to residents is an Uber-like startup for healthcare. Kenko Doctor allows Ghanaians to find nearby doctors and healthcare, with doctors then being able to store medical records and liaise with patients directly via the app. It’s just one of the many ways tech is revolutionising the quality of life in Ghana and beyond.

Africa becoming a tech pioneer worldwide

In the shadows, Africa is quite rapidly pioneering in the technological field – Black Panther isn’t too far removed from the truth, despite Wakanda unfortunately being fictional. With massive changes imminent within many different countries, there’s no doubt Africa will be, if not already at the very forefront of the tech in the foreseeable

The “Silicon Savannah”

Although not based in Ghana, the Silicon Savannah taking shape in Kenya’s Nairobi is on the same level of that in San Francisco. This up-and- coming tech haven is home to multiple booming businesses, driving a thriving economy and undeniably putting Africa on the map.

Nairobi has long been a spot of thriving technology, but as it becomes heavily concentrated with more and more businesses and innovation spaces – one of which has launched more than 170 startups thus far – it’s safe to say that Africa is set to benefit massively from Silicon Savannah’s continued growth and success.

Startups dominating Africa’s informal economy

Talking of startups, they are dominating Africa’s technology market and quickly developing into some countries’ biggest companies. From Ghana’s Farmerline, connecting small-scale farmers to products and resources in order to improve their business, through to PayPass, the Nigerian ticketing platform, Africa’s startups are some of the world’s most inventive and exciting.

Startups are quickly finding their feet with the African tech infrastructure supporting and uplifting small businesses with something new and necessary to offer.

E-commerce providing Ghana with new opportunities

One of Ghana’s most important tech sectors is that of e-commerce, with many consumers using their smartphones to shop – after all, 57% of Ghanaians use their smartphones as their primary way of accessing the internet.

With massive developments in mobile payments being welcomed, as well as improved online stores for Ghanaians to purchase everything from clothing to home necessities, e-commerce is relatively unsaturated in Ghana and beyond, meaning there’s plenty of space for store owners to surge forward at the frontrunners in their

What are you most looking forward to re: Africa’s incredible technological developments? Let us know in the comments below.

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