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TechInAfrica – is a solution for an instant payroll with automatic earnings on blockchain. It combines ERC2- and Ethereum to its Crypto Wallet so that users would not have to wait for their money processed in weeks later. Provides An Automated Instant Payroll on Blockchain Provides An Automated Instant Payroll on Blockchain via

There is a lot of benefits you will experience from the Payroll and the Wallet, such as:


  • It enables users to earn cryptocurrency as it supports ETH and ERC20 tokens, enabling users to earn stable coins, such as the TrueUSD
  • There are no banks or 3rd party processors. Even more, no delays nor fees charged.
  • With its ability to make instant earnings, it handles life expenses better.
  • It offers more financial freedom


  • Through its ICO, users can receive new tokens directly to their wallet safely as it uses a secure wallet address.
  • It has an automatic token recognition as it is able to scan and detect new tokens once received.
  • It provides backup phases, enabling users to generate a secure backup phrase.
  • Through its transaction history, users can see all list of the Ethereum and ERC20 token transactions conveniently.
  • It is compatible with Ethereum and ERC20 Token, allowing users to store all of their digital assets in a single placed that is also backed up securely.
  • With its Airdrops and Bounty, users are able to easily and safely receive ERC20 tokens they have earned.

The Communications Director of, Seb Kipman said in an interview: “Did you see the story that’s all over the news about Samsonite CEO quitting because he got caught lying on his resume? Feels like a good opportunity to tell the story of yet another reason why the world badly needs the blockchain and its immutable data.”

Meanwhile, the CEO of, Ivan Petrovic said: “A line in a resume can be easily made-up, and LinkedIn is unreliable because more than a third of people lie on their LinkedIn profile.”

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