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Akirachix Takes Action to Address a Gender Gap in Technology through AWTC

TechInAfrica – According to research, technology and the related courses worldwide are mostly dominated by males. On the other hand, in Kenya, where it is ranked 14 on the list of countries with high internet speed, the gender gap is also there in most technology-driven sectors.

The lack of women’s involvement in the technology-driven industry has driven a campaign to address the gender gap through various tools, including social media. However, in fact, the initiatives to provide women with practical technology skills and mentorship programs have been taken by some organizations, such as digitizeHer and Akirachix.  These skills and mentorship programs aim to help women to succeed in pursuing their careers.

The programs provided by Akirachix are not only to empower women to pursue higher careers and involved in technology-driven businesses but also to maintain a women network through conferences and events, including Africa Women in Tech Conference (AWTC). The AWTC was founded in 2014 and through its annual event, AWTC has been brought to inspire many other women to have opportunities to learn and are connected in technology.

African Women in Tech Conference
African Women in Tech Conference via

Through the discussions at AWTC, women from various sectors are encouraged to share their knowledge on each other’s different expertise, connecting them with opportunities, resources, and existing information. The discussions help women to share ideas about how they can address critical issues about the applications and impacts of technology.

The AWTC also invites different startups and organizations to present their products and services, as well as share their knowledge to the attendees.

This year’s AWTC will take place on November 10 at Radisson Blu, Kenya. Also included in the event are job fairs, workshop sessions from Google, Facebook, and many more. Moreover, AWTC will also give an award to important contributors within the community, thus, invite Kenyan women to demonstrate their initiatives.

The Lead Organizer of  AWTC, Nyandia Kamawe said, “Ladies should look forward to a day of amazing hands-on workshops that should inspire them all as well as our first ever award segment recognizing women who continue to excel in various ways. The theme is “celebration” and we really hope that women come out to learn, celebrate and have a good time.”

To join this year’s AWTC, you can purchase the ticket here. It is on sale for Kes.1500 per ticket.

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