Can Student Entrepreneurship Week in Ghana Change Unemployment Situation in Africa?

Stars From All Nations (SFAN), Ghana, African Development Bank, Gina Kloes, Professor Jarvis Anthony, Abdullahi Muhammed, Liz Grossman, Afua Osei, Josephine Faal, Sam Carter-Mensah, Eric Osiakwan, Andy Mensah, Sydney Sam, Dela A, Edem Kumodzi

Stars From All Nations (SFAN) for the first time will bring a three days forum in Africa for alternative education. The mission of Student Entrepreneurship Week Ghana is basically to train and enlighten young entrepreneurs in Ghana to conduct sustainable enterprises. SFAN noted that all players will gain from masterclasses, face-to-face mentoring sessions, office hours, high-level keynote sessions among other benefits. The skills will be facilitated by startup professionals and the global best entrepreneurs.

According to the African Development Bank report, there exist big gaps between the labor market and wage job opportunities.  The Africa unemployment situation is worse by an aggregate of 8million potential job seeker annually.  The statistical projection shows that only 350 million African youths will secure formal job opportunities in the formal sectors by 2035.  Ghana Macroeconomic Employment report denotes that about 1.2 million young people aged 15 and more are unemployed in the 21st century.  The report indicated further that only 10.5 percent of unemployed individuals derived their income from entrepreneurship. The greatest challenge in the continent is that nearly 75 percent of entrepreneurship enterprises fail in less than 3 years. Poor execution selection is the chief problem according to the Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A).

In order to salvage the condition, SFAN is planning to conduct alternative education in Accra Ghana. The three days event will attract participants from Nigeria, Silicon Valley, Ghana (hosts) and the United Kingdom. Student Entrepreneurship Week Ghana 2018 theme is ‘Unleashing Possibilities.’The event is scheduled for July from 26th -28th at British Council Accra.  Education and entertainment activities will be the main activities if SEWGH forum for the first two days. The climax of the event will comprise of the graduation ceremony for successful participants at Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City located in Accra Ghana. The recent partnership between Echo VC and SFAN has promoted the emergence of Young Money Business Pitch. This initiative focuses on the creation of business funding, market opportunities, business development and mentorship among young people.

The forum speakers are; Gina Kloes, Professor Jarvis Anthony, Abdullahi Muhammed, Liz Grossman, Afua Osei and Josephine Faal. Other facilitators include; Sam Carter-Mensah, Eric Osiakwan, Andy Mensah, Sydney Sam, Dela A, Edem Kumodzi among others.  The application process is ongoing with limited spaces left. The early bird ticket will obtain about 40% discount.

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