From Celebrity Blogger to Entrepreneurship Kingpin: Kevin Eze Excels

Once having a celebrity blog that attracted thousands; Kevin Eze has now delved into the realms of e-business and online brand building. From his teens Eze has been a tech wizard, contributing significantly to the Nigerian technological landscape and at sixteen years of age was honored with an award for his efforts. Through his ‘Iconplus’ enterprise he has been offering digital services such a web architecture, search engine optimization and social media platform improvement. He is ever keen to spur on his aspiring counterparts and forms alliances with them.

His celebrity blogging roots have given him an upper hand in social media exposure. The ‘Naijaxclusive’ co-proprietor was named to be amongst the select U-30 achievers, this had given him access to well-known celebrities and commanding brands. However in a capacity building leap forward, the brand was discontinued in 2015 to allow for new tech-based initiatives to take root. Though the brand closure was not desired too soon by the followers Eze still has over 50 000 followers on twitter and instagram a large following indeed.

Kevin has had a soft spot for African cuisine and has been able to establish an online database of over 450 recipes gotten from various culinary experts and traditional chefs too. This recipe hub named African Food Network has attracted scores of people greatly exceeding the hundred thousand mark.  Greater growth is still in view and by half a decade the food network hopes to boast having over 5000 recipes in their archives.

Eze has suggested that Africa need not feel its cuisine is substandard compared to the international western standards but should rise up and proudly make a name for herself. He hinted that our culinary prowess has the potential to be of export value and can make a world impact if embraced well enough. Kevin has established himself as a brand developer and often makes blog posts, it wouldn’t be surprising that enhancing African cuisine is his capital project, sources not far from Kevin ponder.

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