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DNAFit: a DNA-Based Mobile App to Optimize Health

TechInAfrica – DNAFit is a global wellness genetics company that has been focusing on people’s health improvement. Recently, the company has entered a partnership with Bluegrass Digital to develop a mobile app that improves health. The mobile app works using ground-breaking genetic science to open up personalized nutrition, fitness, as well as health.

Speaking about the app, it provides reports on nutrition, stress, and fitness so that users will understand their detailed health information. Moreover, they will also understand which diet and exercise fit them based on their DNA. By knowing this data, users will be able to maximize their lifestyle options to achieve wellbeing goals more effectively and faster.

DNAFit, a DNA-Based Mobile App to Optimize Health
DNAFit, a DNA-Based Mobile App to Optimize Health via

The DNAFit’s Head of Product, Andrew Steele said that the mobile app helps their clients to personalize their lifestyle choices based on their genetic profile.

“With the ever-growing use of smartphones for managing one’s health, we engaged with Bluegrass to put a user’s genetic data at their fingertips – making genetically guided fitness and nutrition easy to access, wherever a user may be.”

DNAFit also provides fitness insights in order to help clients with their workout. Clients can optimize their training and exercise routine using the DNAFit Peak Performance Algorithm, Aerobic Trainability, Recovery Nutrition Needs, and many other useful fitness insights.

There are three main features of DNAFit data clients are able to use, those include tables, graphics, and animations. Furthermore, there are also training programs and contents related to the clients’ DNA profile.

“As is often the case with exciting technologies, we like to build and iterate quickly – the guys at Bluegrass have been excellent at working in a responsive and agile manner to help us bring our product releases out at speed, and on time,” Steele said.

To build DNAFit mobile app, Bluegrass Digital utilized the latest development technology, React Native. The technology is deployed on Android and iOS devices.

The Managing Director of Bluegrass Digital, Nick Durrant said that the methodology they used is a very lean one so that clients can identify the requirements for the apps.

“We created an interactive wireframe prototype which set the blueprint for getting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into the market,” Durrant stated.

“We quickly moved through the iterative cycles from design, development, QA and release. In the end, we built the app in 4-6 weeks with a committed development team,” he concluded the statement.

The app is available for free on Play Store and App Store. To access the feature, users will have to log in first. The mobile app is data and content API-integrated that’s provided securely to users.

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