e-Waste Becomes an Essential Asset in West Africa

African states are getting their names into technology map not just in the region but globally. The first African made 3D printer from e-Waste was discovered in Togo in 2013. The disposal of electronic waste is becoming a significant health hazard in Africa. The typical way of doing away with the waste is by burning them which produces unhealthy and poisonous gases hence worsening the problem. By good luck, some people are raising awareness about the electronic wastes and putting them in some better usage.

WoeLabs, a technology hub founded by Semane Koffi Agbodjinou in Togo made the first 3D printer back in 2003. The firm aims at using the 3D printer to give Africa a new phase. The 37 years old architecture made the machine using the scanners, computers and scrap printers as the only tools. Koffi came up with the idea after he had bought a 3D printer for the lab. After the thorough study of the purchased printer, the innovators in the workshop decided to build theirs using the local resources.

In 2003 they had only one printer, but by now the number has grown to 2013 printers. The lab was opened in 2012 and is a local network of young investors and entrepreneurs who want to make the digital democracy. According to the innovators, 3D printer gives directions on the digital democracy.

The group is planning to locate a 3D printer in every local school which is 1km away from the lab to increase digital learning among young learners. Their machine is in the model of RepRap low-cost printing type. The model is in a position of printing plastic objects of 50 cubic centimeters of size. The innovation has given Africa hope to become a tech center region. The lab has been in a position to employ 50 people, and it has opened another lab in Lome. WoeLab has ten startups doing projects from building robots to sorting up the waste menace.

Apart from the WoeLab, other African countries have been able to build the 3d printers like Buni Hub in Tanzania. The 3d printers have not only been used to solve the e-waste problems in Africa, but it has also helped African at greater heights for example the #D printers have been used to make prosthetic limbs and used in nations like Sudan where Not Impossible organization are helping the amputees.

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