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Electricity Bill Payment Made Easy in Nigeria

TechInAfrica – Are you in Nigeria and you wanted to pay your electricity bill yet you fear the long queues at the electricity agent offices? At times you have a hectic schedule that can allow you to move up to the required agencies to pay your bills. You might have gone to pay the bill, but you find the office closed. Don’t worry technology is giving you an opportunity of paying the bills while at home. is a web application founded by Olufela Olagunju and his group in Nigeria on July 2017. The app allows instant online payment of electricity bills using either debit or credit cards. has a broad market, and it has expanded its services to the unbanked and offline through an offline agency in the country. The network distributor is the B2C that makes it easier for the customers to pay bill nearby.

The process of paying the bill and getting the right token has always been a problem to Nigerians especially when it comes to distance coverage from the customer to the electricity vending point. Given the fact that most outlets don’t operate over the weekends and during holidays, it becomes a thorn in the flesh in case you run short of electricity within such period. B2C model enables an individual with entrepreneurial culture to use its API and sell electricity to the neighborhood. It doesn’t require much money to start the business. Presently the service is only available in ten towns, but the management is working on expanding it to more cities.

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