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Ericsson Predicts 10 Consumer Trends in 2019

TechInAfrica – Ericsson, through its 8th edition of the ConsumerLab trend reveals the top 10 consumer trends in 2019. The trends are the technology-based prediction, including AI, VR, 5G, and automation. It is based on Ericsson ConsumerLab’s global activities over 23 years as well as from an online survey conducted in October 2018. The respondents were advanced internet users within 10 most influential cities in the world.

According to the report, automatic and mood-predictive technology would play a major role in people’s daily lives. This prediction was delivered by Dr. Michael Björn, the Head of Research Agenda at Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab who was also mainly involved in the report making.

Ericsson Predicts 10 Consumer Trends in 2019
Ericsson Predicts 10 Consumer Trends in 2019 via

“Imagine a smartphone that not only knows what you do but also knows who you are. Today, artificial intelligence can understand your personality just by looking into your eyes. It’s clear that technology adopters see a future where our devices know us better than we know them,” Björn said.

The 10 consumer trends prediction for 2018 are:

  1. Mood-predictive devices. More than 60% of respondents believe mood-predictive devices will be trending in 3 years.
  2. Smart arguable devices. More than 65% of respondents believe smart devices, like speakers, could argue like family members in 3 years.
  3. Monitoring Apps. More than 45% of respondents believe apps will have their data without they use them.
  4. Enforced permissions. More than 51% of respondents were annoyed by data collection cookies repeatedly.
  5. Smart tools virtual guidance. Around 50% of respondents want apps, gloves, and glasses to give practical guidance for daily tasks, like cooking.
  6. Automated consumption. Around 50% of respondents hope for automated consumption, including bills, subscriptions, and household supplies.
  7. Mind exercising. Around 31% of respondents are expecting ‘mind exercising’ to train practical thinking, causing decision-making occurs automatically.
  8. My Eco-watch. About 39% of respondents want an eco-watch to monitor their carbon measurement.
  9. My virtual twin. About 48% of respondents want an online avatar with the ability to accurately mimic them so they can use two accounts at once.
  10. IoT-connected 5G. Around 20% of respondents (smartphone users) are sure that 5G services will better connect to IoT devices, like utility meters and household devices.

Commenting on the prediction, the Head of Consumer & IndustryLab, Dr. Pernilla Jonsson said: “We have already entered the age when humans and intelligent machines are interacting and working together. So far, we’ve only taken small steps into the future. Most of the zero-touch future is yet to be developed – and how we create that future is still in our hands.”

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