Facebook On the Verge of Making African Internet Safer

Safe Internet Day

Safe Internet Day (SID) is a day set aside for various stakeholders to come together and help develop a better internet. The day is always celebrated in more than 100 countries globally. The combination is usually done by the joint group of Insafe/INHOPE. Insafe/INHOPE gets support from national Safer Internet Centers globally. The support also comes from the European Commission. Furthermore, there is always the need of keeping children safe while using online platforms. The increased cyberbullying and inappropriate content, children have always been victims of such. This is according to SA Film and Publication Board.

However, this made Facebook look for partnership in Africa to help maintain children’s safety. The platform secured more than 20 partnerships from government agencies and NGO’s. Moreover, the partnership will help to create awareness of upcoming online issues. It also looks to find ways to ensure safety on the internet for all. Moreover, it came as a way to mark the 2018 Safer Internet Day (SID). This will be done through Create, connect and share respect: “A better internet starts with you” as the theme.

The platform launched many initiatives. One of the initiatives is an animation that is friendly to the family. It links users to the Parent Portal found in the Facebook Safety Centre. The portal gives parents and caretakers a chance to source for information. Information is mainly on ways of addressing the safety of children while online. The initiative came under collaboration with safety gurus found globally.

One can use the link to log into The Parents Portal. The Facebook Safety Centre is in more than 50 languages. To log into the platform one can click on the link One can access the center through the link found in more than 50 languages. Those who want to get to the Bullying Prevention Hub can use the link The link helps those who want to get information on issues about bullying. For real advice on Online Wellbeing, the link is The Parent Portal Caretakers link is  The link allows parents caretakers to get information on internet safety. Lastly one can need information on ways of controlling experience of the user. They can do that by clicking on the link

The year 2018 will see Facebook collaborating with many partners in Africa. The partnership will address the needs of having knowledge on communities. The partners are hereby discussed below.

W.TEC found in Nigeria

The platform embraces the use of technology.  It is also happy to play a role in creating online safety awareness. This shows there role in developing a more productive online family.

Rudi International from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The platform is promoting a better and safer Internet surrounding the country. Furthermore, the partnership is important in their call to have positive technology impact. It mainly focuses on the young population in DRC.

JI Initiative based in Ghana

The platform ensures that online users are responsible for their activities. The partnership helps the platform to attain its goal.

Watoto Watch Network a Kenyan based platform

The platform’s 2018 main target is the cyberbullying. The platform uses the partnership promotes respect and positivity on social media.

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