Fintech Fastest-Growing Technology Increase Their Serve for Customers

TechInAfrica – E4 as a technology specialist with its new Virtual Identity product is one of the top 11 finalists on Ecobank Fintech Challenge. The aims of the competition are to find innovative solutions to African-centric issues in the financial services sector. Based on McKinsey Report, Africa’s banking landscape grows rapidly in the global. E4’s Research and Development Head, Andrea Tucker said that the competition is important, especially in this competitive and evolving era. She also added that it’s already the time for the financial institutions to find applicable solutions to overcome obstacles in their environments. It is a good initiative for Africa’s development.

Andrea Tucker, Research and Development Head, E4 via

The competition is a great event for e4 to facilitate its innovative technology to make African banking goes bigger. Tucker, then said that they are delighted to have a collaboration with Ecobank in order to share insights and knowledge they have on state of Fintech in Africa.

Virtual Identity is a video-conferencing tool which allows two people to communicate through a mobile app or web. Tucker says that the technology helps to provide banks for clients in remote areas. By only using mobiles phones, customers can now verify their identity through a call without having to make a visit in person.

Virtual Identity via

Due to the partnership with the start-ups, Ecobank can now focus on improving their service for their customers to gain their royalty. Tucker moreover said that the partnership will change the future of Africa’s banking. As the developments of banking services and financial inclusion have rapidly increased, the economic growth in Africa is also expected to increase.

Digital technology consistently changes many aspects of life, including the economy and way of living. Fintech, as one of the fastest-growing and innovative industries, will keep advancing their technology to give more benefit to their customers.

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