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Ghanaians Soon to Have Access to 4G LTE Services

TechInAfrica – Ghanaians will soon experience 4G LTE services provided by an end-to-end open network provider, Parallel Wireless. Through a collaboration with the Telesol 4G, Parallel Wireless will enable Ghanaians to have access to a high-speed internet connection.

Despite the limitation of the fixed-line infrastructure development, African countries are possible to experience the development of a new technology like 4G/LTE. Through the development, it is expected to bring big opportunities and benefits for economic developments in the region.

Parallel Wireless Provides 4G LTE Services in Ghana
Parallel Wireless Provides 4G LTE Services in Ghana via

According to the Director of Telesol, Funmi Lamptey, that: “the on-boarding of Telesol in the Broadband Wireless (BWA) space in Ghana is like sunrise again for heavy data users across ages as well as an answer to the desire of many Ghanaians to have an indigenous company survive in the telecoms industry in Ghana,”

“Parallel Wireless makes a strategic decision based on efficiency, innovation, support, and cost-effectiveness,” Lamtey emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Sales Director of Parallel Wireless Africa, Christoph Fitih spoke about their partnership with Telesol to provide 4G LTE services in Ghana. He highlighted the commitment of Telesol to provide high-speed internet connection capacity for Ghanaians and the sub-region with the fastest connectivity. He also said that African countries need the technology in order to be connected with the world, thus, they need to get used to it to prevent marginalization of African economies from the world economy.

The 4G LTE services use Converged Wireless System (CWS) which can be installed as well as maintained. It is more cost-efficient for mobile operators, not only in Ghana but in other African countries as well as the rest of the world.

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