Why Gig Economy is the Way to Earn an Extra Income

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Do you know that half of the United Kingdom’s working population can shift to self-employment in the next five years? The e4 Strategic Project Manager uttered these sentiments about the UK. Africa also stands a chance to enjoy these changes. Besides, participation in the Gig Economy by South Africa gives it an easy way of improving its economy. It also offers the necessary skills for those seeking for work or entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurial skills help entrepreneurs to meet specific goals. The process of using technology, finding work and earning income has not been complex. In fact, it seems as easy as using AirBnB and Uber application.

Freelancing has helped in the reduction of unemployment rate globally. Many tasks offered to freelancers give them a chance to earn extra bucks.  These tasks are commonly referred as gigs. The high growth of the Gig task to the freelancers has led to the development of Gig Economy. Gig Economy has experienced a high rate of growth. The Gig Economy is the fastest growing group in EU labor. It also has independent workers in Europe.

The Gig Economy also gives new revenue channels for economies that experience high unemployment rates. Moreover, it can boost businesses that need little tech skills. The platform will also assist those who have an idea of starting or improving an existing business. Technology has helped to remove stumbling blocks in the world of freelancing. That has helped in the growth of Gig Economy.

Technological improvements like collaboration tools also ease employees work. It is not mandatory for them to be in the same location to work.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will increase the technology trends. That will lead to the development of Gig Economy. It will also help in linking the right skills to the right work opportunities. Moreover, it will create efficiency and attract more people to take part and partner. Digitization has changed the African values of the business landscape in various aspects. This is seen despite the continent’s digital maturity level being low.

Countless reasons should encourage people to join the Gig Economy and work. The tech experts have an upper hand when it comes to sourcing and securing for the jobs here. This helps them to generate more income. Moreover, Gig Economy offers an opportunity to people with the needed skills to exercise them. The influence of technology can be seen in platforms like fiverr and upwork Individuals who want to develop their websites can just post in those platforms. They then get those who can do the task well. The platforms help entrepreneurs to change their ideas into reality and channel them to the market.

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