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The Government of South Africa Launches e-Job Site in Pretoria

TechInAfrica – The Government of South Africa through the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) has recently launched e-Job site as a solution to educate applicants on how to apply for public sectors. With the current e-Job website, DPSA hopes it can better help the recruitment processes.

Applicants who want to apply in DPSA will be able to fill in a digital Z83 form provided on the e-Job website. Through the website, they can also upload all related documents online. When applying for public sectors, all South African applicants have to fill in and submit a Z83 form along with qualification documents.

Ayanda Dlodlo, the Minister of DPSA at the Launch of e-Job Site in Proteria
Ayanda Dlodlo, the Minister of the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) at the Launch of e-Job Site in Pretoria via

Before the launching of e-Job website, all the process was done manually, causing the applicants to have to spend a lot of money to travel to where the departments they want to be employed located.

Now that e-Job has been launched, the applicants can now access it from wherever they reside without having to travel out anymore. However, the government will still accept paper-based submission to facilitate those who have no access to internet connection.

According to Ayanda Dlodlo, the Minister of DPSA, e-Job recruitment system is a part of government missions to open access for a wide range of people to apply for jobs, making the process easier and simpler for them.

“The e-recruitment system is the beginning of a process to introduce a paperless administration across the public service. Last month, I directed the Department of Public Service and Administration to introduce a digital Z83 application form as an additional platform for job seekers in the public service,” the Minister said.

“For job seekers, the new e-recruitment system will be beneficial, because it is Web-based and accessible from different locations…This will enable the applicants to post their CVs and supporting documents once, and the process will save them the cost of making multiple copies for applications.”

e-Job also brings another benefit where it allows public sectors to advertise posts digitally, reducing the advertising costs they spend on newspapers ads.

The e-Job website is a collaborative project with the Gauteng Department of e-Government and the State Information Technology Agency (SITA). The Gauteng Department of e-Government helps to provide competent individuals to operate the system while SITA helps to technical provision and develop skills.

“The e-recruitment system was developed internally by the Gauteng Department of e-Government. As our infrastructure partner, SITA will host the site in partnership with the e-government department. There is a memorandum of understanding in terms of the processes and systems they provide,” said the Project Manager of the e-Government Department, Mfana Khoza.

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