Greenlight Planet Runs Ignite Rwanda Project

TechInAfrica – Greenlight Planet sets out a project called Ignite Rwanda project and has just accomplished a shipment of 50,000 Sun King™ Home Systems meant for the project. The project is a one of Rural Electrification National Plan 2024. Through the execution of the project, there will power provided for over 250,000 Rwandans.

The project aims to provide more affordable solar power products for Rwandans and Africa in general. The Sun King™ Home Systems provide the best technology as well as high-quality services where they are expected to meet the power needs in rural areas of Rwanda. Moreover, the Home Systems uses EasyBuy™, a PAYG-technology system, and a mobile-charging facility, allowing them to use it in line with their income.

Ignite Rwanda Project
Ignite Rwanda Project via

Speaking for Greenlight Planet, Dhaval Radia as the Vice President said, “Ignite Power is a key strategic partner for Greenlight Planet, with a shared mission to drive rural electrification in Rwanda. We are committed to delivering superior quality, reliable solar products at affordable prices. Over a short span of 2 years, Greenlight Planet and Ignite Power Rwanda have jointly managed to create substantial social impact with the Sun King™ Solar Home Systems providing safe power to an estimated 700,000 people in Rwanda,”

Radia also commented on their collaboration with Ignite Power that he claimed to be the best in the field, “Our strategic partner, Ignite Power is the fastest growing rural utility in Africa. The Company built a far-reaching distribution and financing platform for solar solutions to clients across the continent, connecting beneficiaries to safe, affordable, renewable power. With Ignite Power’s rapid growth and distribution strength, Rwanda has become Greenlight Planet’s major and fastest growing market, and the company looks forward to fulfilling even higher orders in the coming months.”

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