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Gross Barmen Resort Benefited for the 3G Network Upgrade by MTC

TechInAfrica – The Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) is setting its plan to expand network services in rural and urban periphery areas of Namibia. Alongside the plan, MTC upgrades its service network from 2G to 3G. This plan surely brings the advantage to the Namibian Wildlife Resort (NWR) – Gross Barmen Resort.

The upgrade plan is a part of its national network improvement infrastructure program christened 081Every1. Due to the program, thus the company upgraded its 2G network site to 3G in Gross Barmen Resort. As the significant network traffic volume growth in many areas in the country, MTC uses the strategy to enhance its customers’ satisfactory in telecommunications network coverage as well as internet speed.

MTN Upgrades Its Network to 3G
MTN Upgrades Its Network to 3G via

Regarding the ongoing plan, the Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs of MTC, Tim Ekandjo commented: “Statistics have indicated that sound network infrastructure contributes to the attraction of tourists to the country, and we are particularly pleased with not just the Gross Barmen upgrade, but also with the rest of all our upgrades which are underway across the country as we speak. 3G network upgrades in rural settings is a preparation in advance paving way for the 4G network which is currently enjoyed in urban areas only.”

Tim Ekandjo via

The Corporate Communications and Online Media Manager of NWR, Mufaro Njabulo Nesongano was excited about the MTC’s plan on upgrading network site in Gross Barmen Resort. He said: “As NWR we value the role that MTC has played to ensure that telecommunication is facilitated smoothly throughout the country. The current upgrade of Gross Barmen to 3G is very welcome, as it will ensure that visitors remain connected throughout the resort. This is vital because they can share their experiences immediately thereby creating awareness of our hidden gems.”

For your information, Gross Barmen Resort is situated around 100km away from Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. It is also a haven for local and international tourists. Gross Barmen provides facilities such as spa & wellness, fitness, recreation, and leisure. Moreover, the main attraction of the Resort is the health and hydro/medical spa center which features thermal springs and a full range of treatments, massages, as well as relaxation activities.

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