Why Haraqisha is the Solution to Kenyan Online Shopping

Haraqisha, Kenya,

Time has always been a key factor when it comes to company or individual development. People try to work out ways on how they can save time and use it in a more constructive way. Technology has made time-saving more possible than before. From marketing, education, health to transportation, technology has revolutionized everything. People spend a lot of time while making purchases. This is evident from the long distance one has to cover and the long queues before getting what they want. However, Haraqisha comes to help you save on that wasted time.

Haraqisha is a word derived from Swahili to mean speed up. The Kenyan based online startup helps individuals in making purchases. It also ensures that delivery takes place at their comfort. The startup has collaborated with different stores within Nairobi. This allows the stores to list and present their goods on their app. One is able to use the app in locating the closest stores and search for products they need. Once the order is placed the store prepares it and organizes for their delivery. Moreover, one can also decide to pick the product by themselves.

The company has partnered with courier companies found closer to the stores.  The partnership ensures that deliveries take place within two hours. Furthermore, buyers can track their order during delivery. This helps them to know when exactly the courier will arrive. However, those who prefer picking their items from the stores receive a notification once the order is ready. They then need to show the notification while picking their order. All this reduces most of the time wasted when doing practical purchases.

Haraqisha facilitates payments between the stores and the buyer to cut online frauds. The company collects payments and later on forwards it to the store immediately the customer receives the product. Customers also have a chance to make payments while picking the goods. Furthermore, one can repeat or edit the first order in case they want to make a second order. Furthermore one can also be able to search for the newest deals in various stores in their mobile app.

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