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How Can Africa Reap The Potential Benefits Of Technology?

Tremendous improvement in technology is happening in Africa.

TechInAfrica – However, the full potential can only be realized if the fundamental amenities are made accessible to every corner of this continent. Apart from a few remote places like the Central African Republic, technology is transforming the lives of most Africans. Reports show fast-paced progress in the education sector, social life, and economic

Mobile phones
New hopes started with the upsurge of mobile phone technology across Africa about ten years ago. In a short period of time, for the very first time, Africans could enjoy mobile phone communication and the landlines started to lose popularity. Today, people can access their bank account through mobile banking services such as M-Pesa. Mobile money is quick and convenient; it has eliminated the major economic and technological barriers.Businessmen can sell their products online and enjoy the low transaction costs of mobile banking. A lot of tech hubs are emerging across Africa and are contributing to the innovations. But most of the continent’s mobile phone technology is outsourced. For instance, most smartphones in East African communities are imported from China. This technology is being used in many ways to give solutions to most African issues.

It is a common phenomenon in Africa people to contract multiple illnesses, say, malaria, HIV, yellow
fever, and typhoid. A Liberian, who outsourced knowledge from America, developed a mobile device
that can detect 6 different diseases at once. This is an example of innovation that has been perpetrated by headway in mobile technology.

Foreign investment philanthropy

There is a lot Africa can gain from donations and foreign investors. For example, in 2016, Africa got $367 million to develop particular organizations that use drone technology to convey blood to hospitals in places like Rwanda. The fact that African nations are catching up with the first world through technology transfer is a controversial topic given that corruption and power misuse has not yet been solved in this region. Nonetheless, Africans should take advantage of direct investment by foreigners as well as donations.

The internet
Most educated people in Africa take advantage of the newest technology as much as they can. A good number of internet enthusiasts in West Africa generate income by spending time on their PCs. There is a lot that can be learned on the internet such as coding skills. By logging in to platforms like Udacity, and YouTube, many youths have discovered some innovations and ways of making money online. This is a good sign that the youths don’t want to simply spend time on the internet for the wrong reasons.

Final thoughts
It is clear that technology can help Africa close the enormous economic gap with the Western countries with time. The building blocks of technology such as mobile phones, internet connectivity, and electricity should be accessible to every corner of the continent. A stream of new technologies have a promising future for the third world only if Africans agree to deal with root problems like corruption and misrule

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