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Huawei Expands Its Cloud Data Center in Johannesburg, South Africa

TechInAfrica – A Chinese tech company, Huawei through its representative, Deng Tao announced that it would open its public cloud data center in Johannesburg. He made the announcement at the opening ceremony of Huawei Cloud South Africa at AfricaCom last week. Deng also explained that the company planned to extend its public cloud center at other regions in South Africa as well as to other African countries.

Huawei Expands Its Data Cloud Center in South Africa
Huawei Expands Its Cloud Data Center in South Africa via

Deng said, “We believe African companies need cloud services. Right now, the number of enterprises adopting cloud is still very small, but there is a big potential to grow. We are very confident this could be a big growth area for the business.

“South Africa will be our main investment area at first and our base for expansion,” he added.

Speaking about the cloud services, Huawei is building a long-term investment on the continent. Through the project, it will sure open jobs opportunity for the locals as it was admitted by Deng that the company would hire local talents to work on the project, Huawei Cloud.


Huawei cloud data services were first established last year in March. Ever since, the company has revealed over 120 cloud services in 18 main categories and expanded its centers overseas, including Hong Kong, Thailand, and Russia. Meanwhile, the cloud data services have also been provided in Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America while its partner public cloud is spread in 14 countries and regions. Moreover, by the end of the year, the company will make it available for worldwide main regions.

Besides data cloud service by Huawei, there are other companies built in the region, including the local ICT and cloud services vendors, Microsoft, as well as Amazon Web Services. Speaking about the competitors, Deng stated: “Our eye is focused on customers and we are not focused on competitors. We did a market analysis and found that our customers and partners need cloud so that is why we are coming here,”

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