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Hyrac Box Launches a Mobile Server to Empower Young Generation in Developing Countries

TechInAfrica – Hyrac Box, a Kenyan innovative tech startup has launched Hyrac Box Mobile Server to encourage young tech generation in developing countries by the use of open source technologies. The startup was founded by Joshua Kanani, Steve Aura, and Helen Kimaru in 2017 with the mission to find solutions that could empower the next generation of tech.

To provide the Hyrax Box Mobile Server, Hyrac Box has collaborated with some international organizations such as Open Source Agency to create a custom version of the information. This custom version can be used offline while at the same time open access to plenty of educational resources from other partners.

Hyrac Box Launches a Mobile Server to Empower Young Generation in Developing Countries
Hyrac Box Launches a Mobile Server to Empower Young Generation in Developing Countries via

The idea of creating open source technologies came from a realization that the internet has been widely utilized worldwide due to its great benefit. The Internet allows people to get access to online resources and information. Despite the popularity, there are still many people don’t have access to internet connectivity, especially school children in developing countries. As a result, these children have to experience knowledge gap compared to other school children in developed countries or internet-connected countries.

Hyrax Box aspires to address the gap by providing these children from developing countries the access to quality and up-to-date resources without needing the internet connection. The Hyrax Box provides users with access to knowledge and skills using the multi-functional Open Tech Emergency Cases. It’s user-friendly and can be connected to maximum 25 devices, enabling users to individually browse resources and apps offline.

The device has features that can be easily connected to many devices, like mobile phones, tablets, computers, and laptops. Moreover, the battery is efficient up to 15 hours, external connection to USB and other devices, and quick set up. Currently, Hyrax Box has partnered with Openculture Agency in Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda to get more people to get the benefits from the tools.

Visit to know more information about Hydrac Box and its activities.

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