Iflix Gets the Entertainment Scene Going

Iflix, entertainment, Iflix Gets the Entertainment Scene Going

Iflix is the world’s leading entertainment company in upcoming markets. It gives unlimited access to many TV shows and movies. Furthermore, it airs some of the most preferred TV programs like drama, comedies, Turkish drama and many more. One can either download or just listen to their favorite entertainment from iflix. Moreover, it charges a low monthly fee which allows subscribers to watch any content at any time.

Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) is a global trade organization that addresses issues about the wider mobile scene. MEF hosted the webinar which was attended by a panel of leaders from various industries. The General Manager of iflix West Africa will also attend the meeting. The webinar is dubbed The Future of Digital Entertainment in Africa. The program took place on 15th February 2018 at 1700hours. Furthermore, many issues were discussed including social media and video streaming. Also discussed was the improvement of African ecosystem.

The African ecosystem has helped in improving new business models across Africa. This has also helped it to leapfrog the Western markets. The panel comprised of Antos Stella from Content Connect Africa. Peter Verkade from Unitel was also amongst the panelists. Also present were MEF’s Tim Gree and Thabiet Almanysic, Tencent Africa.  Furthermore, they discussed many issues. The issues included getting new revenue stream across the mobile ecosystem. Also, there were things that Africa can learn from the rest of the world and vice versa. Available opportunities through streaming/VOD, local content, mobile payment were also discussed. The last discussion was about the challenges facing the continent.

The fact that iflix is rated as a global company gives it the ability to have the best technology. Furthermore, it has a worldwide success that is unique on its own. The company also tried to inculcate the local ideas into its market, product, and content. This was to convince the local customers. The company also allows the customers to go at their own speed and use the preferred language. Despite the company being global it also acts in a local way. This has made people move away from standardization and embrace iflix. The company is now available in many countries across the world. However, it is found in the middle east and Africa.

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