JUST Food Startup Launches Power Gari in Africa

JUST Power Gari, JUST, Liberia

JUST, a food technology startup has launched a new JUST Power Gari product. The newest product in Liberian market will be distributed to schools and open-air markets at pocket-friendly prices. Speaking during the launch, Taylor Quinn, the Emerging Markets said that the realization of one’s potential in life makes the difference in one’s physical and mental development. He related this to the nutritional value of Just Power Gari. Besides, Taylor said that one’s career does not make this difference.

Just was formerly known as Hampton Creek and the newly launched product resembles oatmeal. Furthemore, the product comes from various crops grown in Liberia. Therefore, the utilization of such crops creates a wider market base for farmers, entrepreneurs and farmers in Liberia.

In March 2016, JUST met with local pediatrician who explained the effect of poor nutrition which consequently affects 2.1 billion people globally. This is despite the fact that potato chips and rice are easily available in places like Liberia. Therefore, by launching Power Gari, JUST intends to help repair the broken food system in the global market. Therefore, the startup wants to replace the unsustainable foods like animal products as they replace them with plant-based foods.

Currently, 650 children in Liberia take Just Power Gari, JUST intends to expand their operations to meet nutritional needs of millions of children in Liberia in 2018.

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