The Launch of Iconiq Lab’s First Batch of the Accelerator Program and $1 million Private Presale ICNQ Token

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Iconiq Lab accelerator program deals with token sale and Coin offering.The system operates by developing, sourcing, accelerating and funding the top startups dealing with blockchains, tokens, and crypto into their ICO.  The initiative introduces startup’s tokens funded by sustainable real-world business.

The Iconiq Lab membership club comprises of FinLab Ag, Token-as-a –Service (TaaS) and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Token Sale. The first batch accelerator program of startups was launched 18 February 2018 funded by ICNQ presale. The underpinning agenda for a 12 weeks program is to propel ICO by use of digitalized road shows. Currently, startups can receive bonuses and discounts after graduating from the accelerator program. However, only entrepreneurs with ICNQ token can invest in ETH, BTC or in any form of liquid cryptocurrency for presale services.

Recently, Iconiq Lab received overwhelming application summing up to 165 startups but only five were chosen for funding. The selected startups constituted of VREO, Topl, Wunder, Base Global, and BrainCities.

Base Global is an entertainment startup which protects artists and fans from counterfeits by organizing live events and collective marketing strategies.

Wunder startup offers digitalized arts for effective management of galleries, artist foundations and museums through ArtPlus app.

VREO is a world-class video and gaming platform which advocates for use of blockchains add-technology by extensively large gaming and video firm.

BrainCities smart cities protocol containing AI layers. The system incorporates SAP, HP among other systems expand development of commodities with the help of AI.

Topl is a protocol startup that speeds up blockchain investment in the emerging market trends. The company operates in Nigeria, Colombia, and Uganda.

In order to achieve projected funding of €10,500,000, Iconiq Lab embarks on selling about 15,000,000 ICNQ tokens. The exercise will kick off after approval by BaFin German securities regulator on Q2 2018.

According to Patrick Lowry, Iconiq Lab CEO, the company managed to launch accelerator programme and full capacity token sale. The initiative does not require waiting for contribution from ICOs since there are promising opportunities in future.  Co-founder and Managing Partner of TaaS Dimitro Chupryna added that the association with Iconiq Lab marked logical development and sustainable growth. Furthermore, Stefan Schütze emphasized that partnering with Iconiq Lab allows the firm to acquire skills in Tokenization, blockchain technology, and ICOs.

The Iconiq Lab updates and application details can be accessed via

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