LendLedger Offers A Decentralized Network

TechInAfrica – The current lending markets do not make an assurance for growing small businesses to make loans through lenders. The access to get the lending in the informal sector seems to be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming, even though it adds up to 90% of employment and 50% enterprise in many countries globally.

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LendLedger offers a decentralized network where it allows its user to experience more affordable, efficient, as well as inclusive in emerging markets. It is specialized for users without a credit history. It uses blockchain technology to get it accessible for its 200 million users from small businesses around the world. Moreover, it is not only offering a lending transparency but also making it accessible for all of its users (see media kit and video). Dealing with cryptocurrency can be a challenge sometimes, thus, LendLedger tries to ensure both borrowers and lenders deal in the secure ways. 

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