Letshego Zulu the World Fitness Transformer

Letshego Zulu , Khethiwe Mlangeni , PopUpGym

In South Africa, Letshego Zulu is known as the epitome of strength and grace.

The former reality TV star is famous in the world fitness industry. This is evidenced by her 127,000 instagram followers. She lost her husband Mr. Gugu Zulu in 2016 while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. The annual mountain climbing initiative was launched by the late former South Africa president Mandela.  The initiative focused on keeping girl child in school through solicitation of funds for sanitary pads support.  Zulu together with Khethiwe Mlangeni business partner founded the PopUpGym.

The initiative was aimed at changing people perception that any place can be used as an exercise space.  The PopUpGym demonstrated that a hotel room, an office, the beach and even parking lots can serve as exercise space. Many women across the country admired her effort of raising her daughter Lelethu besides her busy schedule.

During the Absa Cape Epic, a group of journalists interviewed Zulu to find out more about her fitness career.

Concerning her career, Zulu replied the interviewer that she is a qualified biokineticist whose motive is to transform fitness and health. She added that both PopupGym events and corporate are currently doing well.

Concerning her daily routine, she is very flexible depending on the event she is training for.  However, watt bike session 3 times weekly, 2 long rides on the weekend and functional training sessions are the main routines.

When asked about her diet, she said that she normally eat healthy under the principle ‘my stomach my engine.’

The other question asked about her interest in the fitness industry. She said that her profession is sport and exercise technology with specialization in biokinetics. She engaged in active private for about five years which gave birth to PopUpGym.

She was also asked about the concept of PopUpGym and its conception. She responded that the initiative targets those who are lazy in doing exercise. This will help them to understand that exercise can be done anytime and anywhere.

She noted that the main thing she missed from her husband is steady support for her passion. Zulu narrated that burpees and mountain climbers are some of her favorite full body exercises.

The biokineticist recommends the combination of regular exercise, health diet, meditation and fellowship for a spring biokineticists. This will enable to take care of their, mental health, spiritual and physical fitness.

She concluded that fitness entails being better than before and people she mind running their own race.

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