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How to Make Your Android Smartphone Running Smoothly

TechInAfrica – Android is a system that is mostly used by smartphone users worldwide. The longer period of time you use it, the heavier it gets. As you may have downloaded some apps and they demand to upgrade regularly, your smartphones are not as smooth as it was when you first used it.

Android Smartphone
Android Smartphone

If you cannot afford a new one, there are other ways to get your Android smartphone feels like new again. These tips here can help you to optimize your Android smartphone and make it run smoothly:

1. Uninstall Apps You Don’t Regularly Use

Apps that you have installed on your smartphone will take up space on your storage whether you use it regularly or rarely. Not only that, some smartphones usually have preinstalled apps on their system. You can actually disable these apps to clear up the storage. Furthermore, you can also uninstall those apps you don’t use it regularly. This way will make your smartphone runs smoothly.

2. Take Control of Those Apps Who Still Run Even When You Don’t Use Them

Some apps will still run even when you’re not using it. These apps will drain your battery and access data because technically, they’re still running. These apps usually are social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

How to control these apps: Go to Battery Settings and find apps that highly consumes your phone battery. Consider to shut down those apps at the system level.

3. Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications From Certain Apps

Notifications can be so annoying sometimes, especially when they are not necessary. You can consider to turn off the notifications from certain apps that don’t actually helpful.

How to do it: Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Notifications, then turn off alerts for apps you don’t want to receive notifications from.

4. Clear Up Your Storage Regularly

If you use a smartphone with low space, you need to clear up the storage regularly. Sort out junk files and duplicates to clear up your phone space. You can use a useful app to do the job that can be downloaded on Google Play Store.

5. Set Up Your Homescreen with Apps You Use Often

Choose which apps you often use regularly and put them on your smartphone’s homescreen. For those apps you don’t regularly use, you can remove them from your homescreen. This way will get you easier and faster to access the most used apps daily.

6. Download Lite Version of Those Regular Apps

Many most-used apps recently have launched their light versions which don’t require high system resources. Those apps with lite versions you can consider to download are Facebook Lite, Instagram Lite, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite, Line Lite, and many more.

7. Reduce Your Smartphone’s Animations Scale

Some Android users like to use animations for their smartphones because it’s nice to see. However, when your phone has aged, the performance starts to slowly reduce. In order to make it run smoothly again, you need to scale down the animations.

How to do it: Go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number, then tap for seven times for it to show Developer Mode/Options. It will be included in your settings. Tap on it then set the scale to 0.5x or even turn it off, anyway.

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