May 2018 Legacy Series Talk to Take Place in Accra Ghana

May 2018 Legacy Series Talk to Take Place in Accra Ghana

The modern-day business cycle is becoming smaller every day and very competitive. Because of this, the competitive nature of the business is dragging it away from its allies. Therefore, it calls for people who have been successful in real-life to share out their experience. This is to help rejuvenate the entrepreneurs urge to be successful. Entrepreneurs should be subjected to various topics like general business principles, Africa and Ghana besides Aid and Aid to Trade,

This is why Ashish Thakkar, the African youngest billionaire decided to put up a master class for leaders of business. This will take place on 14th May this year in Accra Ghana courtesy of Legacy Series Talk run by Millennium Excellence Foundation. It is under the leadership of  His Royal Majesty, Otumfuo Osei-Tutu II. He has been lucky to share the business platform in Africa with President Olusegun Obasanjo, Paul Kagame and other business gurus the likes of Mo Ibrahim. Moreover, he has managed to share an international platform with the likes of President Bill Clinton, Michael Dell, Barbara Bush among other dignitaries.

Thakkar has also participated in Office of Partnership, United Nations’ Global Accelerator, World Economic Forum, and United States-Africa summit alongside Bill Clinton. Furthermore, he has managed to put up companies across 22 countries in Africa with more than 15,000 workers.  He is the Chair of United Nations Foundation’s Global Entrepreneur Council. Thakkar was the winner of Princeton University award. Furthermore, he is the winner of Entrepreneur of The Year at the World Entrepreneurship Council in 2014.

The talk is organized in a lecture-like manner that is carried out on monthly basis. The Master Class brings on the floor successful corporate and business individuals sharing their experience into many issues in the business world. They also share on how one can build and run a successful firm.

Its main goal is to help improve local business to lead the road in negotiating businesses, business innovation, business confidence, putting businesses in different countries and business success that helps in economic growth. Attendants will have a chance to ask questions and get answers to various issues that affect the world of business. The Legacy Series is operating under the “Aid to Trade, Ghana and Africa Beyond Aid, and Sound Business Practices” as its theme. This month’s chief guest is Republic of Ghana Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. Additionally, the special guests will be CEO’s of renowned Ghanaian corporations.

Mara Group is an African and global company. It majors in technology, finance and banking, infrastructure and real estate. Founded by Ashish J Thakkar, Mara Group has its headquarters in Dubai.

Through a partnership with Atlas Merchant and General Electric (GE), the group developed Venture Capital Partnership to help them invest in African infrastructure. Furthermore, Mara Group partnered with Delta Africa to form Mara Delta Property Holdings. Mara Group was shortlisted as a case study at Havard Business School I 2014. The founder was the 2015 winner of Financial Times of London’s “Boldness in Business Award. Additionally, he was awarded the Millennium Excellence Foundation’s Lifetime Africa Achievement Prize. He is ranked in the list of Top 40 under 40 by Fortune Magazine. The magazine also ranks him as the author of The Lion Awakes, Middle East Man of The Year, and Adventures in Africa’s Economic Development.

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