Microsoft’s Activities in The Year That Ended 2017

Microsoft has cemented its activities in Africa by some projects it involves itself in. Starting from grant awards to AppFactory hubs will give Africa another look. The Microsoft Company believes that technological improvements as the ideal way of improving the continent’s economy. The pillar to the technological development is through empowering of the civic and business leaders, developers, African youths and entrepreneurs. The support received by the company so far will make them attain their objectives and even move out of their own set goals.

The pioneering event hosted by Microsoft for Africans brought on board the talk on the importance of technology to the continent. The event brought together great minds on the same floor to talk and share ideas that will be useful for the company in Africa. The arrival of Insiders4Good Fellowship and Satya Nadella in Nigeria rolled out the learning process. The year 2018 might see the hosting of another event.

The four years since Microsoft Company renewed its interest in Africa led to the formation of 4Africa. 4Africa formed with believing that technology can speed up growth for Africa and the continent can also speed up the technology growth for the world. Through the seed giant known as an Affordable Access Initiative, AppFactory Academies, giving Skills, Access and Innovation via partner organizations across the continent the idea is attainable. The company celebrated its four years success recently.

The company so the need to expand its Azure cloud regions to 40 and two data centres to be put up in Africa. The centre will be the first one of its own to be put up by any of the cloud giants. The datacenters will help the company to give cloud services to improve opportunities and innovation for Africa and the world as a whole. The insiders4good initiative launched by Microsoft as a program designed to help Windows Insiders tackle crucial issues in their local communities. The first phase launched in Nigeria and East Africa received the second one. Not less than 40 ideas were groomed and natured to become real businesses.

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