Mizani BOND Phorce Startup is the Hair Stylist Solution

Mizani BOND pHORCE, Ghana, Yasmine Botchway,

Hair care market keeps attracting various people to invest their money.  Various styles were only left for a specific gender back in the days. But currently, almost everyone is into any hairstyle. However, the challenge comes in when there is a need to maintain that hair. Hair maintenance helps one to look more stylish and attractive to the eye. The harsh economic conditions make it even harder to keep one’s hair in the best condition.

However, Mizani BOND pHORCE is the solution to most hair problems. The hair care technology launched in Accra Ghana. The launch had an attendance of more than 100 professional hairstylists.  Mizani, a professional salon-exclusive brand under L’Oreal West Africa is the founder of the startup.

The technology used ensures that the hair maintains it required PH Level.  This means that the cuticles must be at their healthiest state. One can access the technology at Mizani salons.  The technology has a unique Citric and maleic Acids. The acids protect the hair through a two-step process. Furthermore, it prevents damage and over-processing of the hair.

Most of the Ghanaian women have been dreaming of long and healthy hair. That is exactly what Mizani BOND pHORCE is bringing to them. Ms. Yasmine Botchway. educated the hairstylists on the product. She is a hair education expert. Furthermore, she demonstrated to them steps on how to use the product. She also explained how the technology is used for a variety of salon services. That is Deep Conditioning, Weaves, and Braids, Natural and Transitioning Hair. Relaxing System is also one of the salon services.

Mizani, founded in 1991 has the strongest heritage in the industry. The platform has also been present in Ghana for a period of 3 years now. Furthermore, the platform is the most traditional Professional salon brands in L’Oréal West Africa’s beauty market. The brand was patronized by top salonists in Ghana. They include Beauty and First Choice in Ghana since the launch.

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