Namhook makes it Easier for Entrepreneurs

Namhook is a social media networking platform that was started by a civil engineering graduate and entrepreneur Garson Magundu. Since its inception on 12th October 2017, it effectively competes with the other global social media platforms. The platform is outstanding than others because it connects people and offers solutions to real-life problems.
The network helps in solving some economic challenges through empowering people. Namhook platform incorporates all the features from giant networks. However, it also has additional features in unique areas like pages, groups, newsfeed, and chats. Presently, the platform has 700 users, and the brains behind the initiative say that the Namibians enjoy features like buying and selling music from Namhook directly. Fans can easily buy their preferred albums through Namhook using their credit or debit cards.
The payment methods are safe, and at the same time, the platform enables local artists to grow based on the number of albums sold. The platform majorly uses PayPal as its safest mode of payments. It gives users an opportunity to post jobs and find job vacancies. Employers can create their companies or organizations profiles, and applicants can present their credentials through Namhook.
Additionally, there is a marketplace section where sellers can list their products ranging in different categories such as cars, houses, and many more. Also, buyers can order goods from any part of the country and get them without any delay. Currently, Magundu is concentrating on growing the network. He acknowledged that the lack of funds has made marketing the business the toughest part of running the network. However, he is adamant and hopeful that people will fund his project.

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