Nanotech Company discovers Technology of Harvesting Water from Atmosphere

Richard Boudreault, South Africa

A Canadian startup has managed to make its dream true by harvesting water from the space. The technology is based on the principle of surface tension using modern mesh netting to harvest water. Moisture from the driest place in the atmosphere is pulled together to form water. This technology has is in accordance with several efforts by researchers to harvest drinking water from the atmosphere using current technology.  The company has so far applied modern nanotechnology system to make space water harvesting initiative reality.

According to Richard Boudreault the company utilized the opportunity of the water crisis in South Africa and Southern California. Mr. Boudreault the company founder added that the system is cost-effective as compared to other methods. He explained that nanotechnology allowed them to pull moisture particles together by the use of natural tension. The company success is a joint venture with Canadian university students which resulted in the development of specific textile. He further illustrated that hydrophobic and hydrophilic forces were derived from carbon nanotubes. The water particles hitting the mesh were collected into the film to form water droplets. Mr. Boudreault noted that several droplets are consolidated into the storage tank ready for consumption. The company uses solar energy and small-sized fan system to provide power and to cool the computer system.

The company can produce about 1,000 litres per day. Besides large production capacity, the company also intends to partner with Agricultural companies for extensive operations.

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