The Perez University College Students Scale up Entrepreneurship in Ghana

Ghana, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, Professor Omane-Antwi

The current socio-economic problems facing Ghana require self-driven graduates who can create their own employment opportunities through entrepreneurship. Some of the challenges comprise of low savings and investment, inadequate manufacturing and value-addition. Other problems are an overreliance on fewer export commodities, low private sectors, corruption, high debt among others. The country thus needs immediate capacity building in the crucial sectors of the country economy. In order to foster economic growth, the country should invest more in visionary, authentic and passionate grandaunts.

During the Perez University College sixth graduation ceremony held on 10th, March this year, Professor Omane-Antwi gave an encouraging speech. He began by honoring the privilege of being the guest speaker in such historical event.  He noted that the Perez University College sixth graduation ceremony is special for grandaunts, parents/ guardians, and the university staffs.  He said that higher education is a key pillar for economic growth and development for third- world countries like Ghana. It helps the younger generation to acquire relevant skills for current and future responsibilities in the country. The best arsenal to fight the current challenges underpinning the country is entrepreneurship. This will ensure a paradigm shift in the education sector where students learn new technology and innovative ideas.

Professor Omane emphasized that entrepreneurship in higher institutions consist of three fundamentals. The first component is where the entire university become entrepreneurial oriented. This can be evidenced in the line of governance as well as the formulation of managerial policies for university institutions. The second approach is manifested where the university administrative staffs, students, faculties and other stakeholders embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Finally, the interaction between the higher education learning institutions and the industrial attachment adopt entrepreneurship motives. He also noted that private universities are the backbone of linkages between several sectors in the economy. For instance, the institutions provide partnership among the government institutions, industrial sectors, and the general public. In his concluding remark, he turns the gears to address the grandaunts. He, first of all, congratulated all grandaunts who made it to the finishing line. He pointed out the four cornerstones that grandaunts should consider in their workplaces, business, and advanced learning. The first one was being learner throughout a lifetime, ability to broaden intellectual horizon, the reflection of past experiences. The last principle was believing in Christ and obeying His commands. He ended his speech by wishing all grandaunts all the best.

Perez University College was launched in late 1992 by Bishop Charles Agyinasare in collaboration with Perez Chapel International. The University vision is “to be a Top Class Christian Entrepreneurial University that has Local, National and International influence”.  The core values are faith, honesty, and excellence.  The campus motto is ‘We maximize your God-given potential for dedicated service to transform society.’

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