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RedStor Mobile Now Available for Android and iOS

TechInAfrica – RedStor, a data management company that offers numerous cloud services integrated with bleeding edge technology, launches their new mobile app—giving users instant and secure access to their data from their very own mobile devices. This notion promotes users who are away from their office to still have the ability managing their data. Albeit compact, the main purpose and the features are still the same to its original desktop version. Still unique and remains to use its one-of-a-kind cloud management system, RedStor endorses to “provide rich visibility of an entire data estate, wherever it is stored”. Your data’s security is also guaranteed with strong encryption schemes.

Along with the demands of companies which often signify a centralized solution that unifies backup and recovery, archiving, and disaster recovery—as well as simplified deployment and billing to radically reduce costs—Redstor claims itself as a pioneer of industry-leading technology that fervently provides visibility and streamed, on-demand access to all your data. Particularly for IT staffs, this could make things easier to do their jobs. Cited on their site, Redstor spoke that this is feasible to be achieved by “continually replacing repetitive tasks, removing complexity and managing data wherever it is stored”.

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The company, which is popular among more than 40,000 customers across the world—across all platforms and industries—launches RedStor Mobile with hopes to establish a seamless data management platform with little to no downtime, all while conducting such activities by the palm of the user’s hands. File sharing is also facilitated in the newly-engineered application, along with usage trends monitoring and the capacity to view history and status of backup tasks.

Free for all Redstor consumers without any limitations, Redstor Mobile is now available to download Google Play (for Android users) and App Store (for iOS users). Either way, no significant difference is noted regarding both versions of the app. Additionally, users can also check out their official guidelines on how to connect their ESE Account to a Redstor app instance.

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