South African Property Expert Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Sylvia Milosevic

Born and raised in Ga-Rankuwa village in Pretoria, South Africa,  Sylvia Milosevic serves as a Wealth alliance partner. Furthermore, she is a property entrepreneur. According to her, she developed the love for the property at a tender age. She always had the dream that one day in her life she will own her personal house. Despite the fact that she was brought up as a shy little girl, Milosevic always believed that she was destined for greater things in future.

Her turning point came when her father who was a BMW employee got retrenchment letter. It forced her family to have a different approach to their lifestyle considering that the main source of income was no longer there. Here is where she came to realize that relying on a single source of income was not the solution to poverty. She decided to look for ways and opportunities on how she could have her own financial freedom. At that point is where she decided to nature her longtime interest in properties. She realized that the business only needs to be nurtured well and can offer the desired lifestyle and also give one the needed financial freedom.

Milosevic is one of the founders of Wealth Alliance Company. The company operates under the mission ‘Think and Grow Rich: a Lifetime of riches in Property.’ Together with its property coaches and mentors, Wealth Alliance works on changing the lives of South Africans by offering them the right education and knowledge in the property. She says that the mission on which they operating under has helped to change the lives of more than 100 million individuals globally. It has done that by the use of strong principles possessed by some of the world wealthiest individuals.

Their property company has developed the system through getting powerful industry experts and developing the program that is centered on their years of experience in the field. The firm is mainly focused on the success of its students. according to her, they do get average students who do not possess any knowledge and money and change them into property investor gurus. Furthermore, they have taken all-time employees who clinch strongly onto their jobs and showed them that they do not need to spend much of their time on the property but they only need to be surrounded by a team of property experts.

Milosevic says that the market had lacked proper education and clear way on how to tackle property investment. People do not have the right knowledge when it comes to property investment many only know about financing. Therefore, they decided to teach their student on how to invest in property when they have the money or through their credit limits. The program covers a wide range that helps even the average person can use to prosper in the South African market. The main part of the program is showing people other means of property banking rather than bank financing.

She agrees that they have been going through many challenges since venturing into the business. The main challenge according to her was dealing with much interest and having the right individuals to be part of their team. Coaches and mentors were chosen from a pool of those with a proven track record and high level of expertise. This was aimed at offering the best to the students. the program has been a success since more than 10,000 people have gone through the program.

She adds that the main success is when she receives back her students who come back to say thank you for mentorship. These are those who admit that they acquired their first property because of her mentorship. Additionally, they are planning to expand into other South African cities in future. This will make them change as many lives as they can. After which they will plan to take the program to the global level. She closes with an advice that achievements are reached out of one’s comfort zones. People should surround themselves with the right people and always be ready to learn from them.

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