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Startup Incubator Gambia Launches Its Fourth Cohort of Entrepreneurship Program for Youths

TechInAfrica – Two weeks ago, Startup Incubator Gambia launched its fourth cohort entrepreneurship program. There were 20 entrepreneurs were selected to participate in a six-month business incubation program.

The program will feature hands-on training, mentorship, coaching, workshop, networking, consultation with some of the industry experts, and more. The purpose of the program is creating the next generation of entrepreneurs, boost innovation and economic growth.

Startup Incubator Gambia
Startup Incubator Gambia via

Besides all of the activities, the program will be focused on three different sides of consulting engagements, including theoretical, practical, and sectoral.

The sessions of the six-month incubator program started with a personal development session by Faddy, CEO of MFH Group. The session meant to inspire the young generation of entrepreneurs on how to build their self-development. Self-development will bring impact on how they would run and develop their businesses.

According to a board member of a Startup Incubator, Seedy Bensouda, the program will help young entrepreneurs to attempt new skills in order to better develop their businesses.

Running businesses in the Gambia is fairly difficult where entrepreneurs have to face many challenges. Startup Incubator Gambia will help the young entrepreneurs to train them how to tackle the challenges. Moreover, they will also be taught how to generate the right mindset, skills, and build connections that will lead them to succeed in their businesses.

About Startup Incubator Gambia

Startup Incubator Gambia
Startup Incubator Gambia via

Startup Incubator Gambia was founded in 2015 that focuses on young entrepreneurship incubator program. It is the first business incubator center in the Gambia that provides co-working space for youth entrepreneurs, including high-speed internet, computers, a training room, and more.

Besides providing a co-working space, Startup Incubator Gambia also connects young entrepreneurs with industry experts. Through a six-month program, they will experience mentorship, coaching, networking, and many other activities to help them run and develop their business. They will also have a chance to get connected with investors to help them fund their businesses.

Visit to know more about Startup Incubator Gambia and its entrepreneurial program

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