Tappit Africa Takes Zando Cape Town 10s Event Cashless

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Many event organizing startups in South Africa have signed an agreement to join hands with Tappit and take events cashless. Tappit which specializes in cashless event experience will, therefore, form a joint venture called Tappit Africa (PTY) Ltd.

Some of the partners who signed the partnership with Tappit include Old School Group and Quicket. Quicket mainly offers technical assistance for events by issuing online tickets while Old School Group focuses on live events and festivals related to music festivals and Cape Town 10s Sport.

Many events globally adopt cashless system. It improves visitors’ experiences and most people see it as convenient. Besides, it increases customer’s loyalty and generates more income for the event. The launch of PTY will enable various event organizers to improve how to organize their future events. Moreover, these organizers will optimize reconciliation and better cash management as they get more information about the fans. The spending habit of fans is important and with the new system, organizers will get wealth of information.

The first event that showcased PTY’s experience was Zando Cape Town 10s which occurred between February 1 and 3, 2018. The event was hosted at Hamilton Rugby Club in Cape Town.

More than 350 teams attended the event and over 25,000 spectators cheered their teams. The sports included CrossFit, rugby, football, netball, hockey, volleyball, and dodgeball. The fans received wristbands that one can activate and load funds at some points within the event site. Besides, the fans had access to a mobile portal where they could check their balance and expenditure.

PTY uses seamless radio-frequency identification (RFID) for various events. The events include concerts, conferences, festivals, and sports events in stadia, universities, and schools. Currently, the company offers its services in South Africa and Sub-Saharan region.

The company management consists of Rob Groombridge from Tappit as the managing director. He is assisted by Gerhardi Odendaa from Old School Group and James Hedley from Quicket.

According to Groombridge, the new venture will support world-class event organizers by changing the experience of fans. The fans and vendors will, therefore, enjoy new technological approaches such as online ticketing. He also said that many events held in South Africa give a memorable experience to fans.

Hedley emphasized the need to use cashless systems for events like Dubai Rugby 7s. Moreover, he expressed his delight saying that the cashless system of payments will facilitate many other large-scale events in South Africa.

Gerhardi also commented that the new venture will soon take the trend and change organization of events. Moreover, he said that what they had started was just but a tip of an iceberg.

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