Uber Tests its Chap Chap Services in Kenya

Uber, Uber Chap Chap, Kenya

Uber, a ride-sharing startup wants to introduce services that will charge cheap rates for its customers. The startup began piloting “Uber Chap Chap” services in Nairobi Kenya. The Uber Chap Chap when translated implies Uber arrive faster and save money.

The startup enjoys a significant percentage of rides in Kenya. South Africa maintains the top as Kenya follows as runners-up in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kenyan’s are known for being creative hence they use uber services for various purposes.

The main targets for the new services are the people who search for ride deals. Uber also targets city commuters who use buses. They can use Chap Chap in case of emergency. Nevertheless, the middle class may not often use these services since they drive cars. When we interrogated a 45-years old civil servant, he said he cannot get himself in those ride-sharing cars.

According to Loic Amado, East Africa’s Uber General Manager, the company wants to offer a variety to its customers. Besides, Loic Amado said that if the services go well, they will also test in the capital of Uganda and Tanzania.

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