Will Next Einstein Forum Transforms the Tech ecosystem in Africa?


The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) was launched back in 2013. The forum’s main goal is to empower scientific skills for human development. It works by linking science to society, African policymakers authorities and worldwide tech stakeholders.The platform is one of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) with Robert Bosch Stiftung as the co-partner. The 2018 NEF competition is taking place now in Kigali Rwanda starting from today 26th March.

This year finalists participants will pitch in three categorize to win the highest prize awards. The group will comprise of the Climate Smart Innovations, Personalized Health Innovations and finally Data Science and Deep Tech Innovations. The startups will present their innovative ideas to different panels composed of high professional judges. The best two in each group will pitch on 28th March this year. The overall winners in each category are scheduled to be announced during the closing of the event. Each lucky winner per category will take home prize worth US$25,000.

Under the first category which is the Climate Smart Innovations, the finalist includes Dickson Ayuka,  Donatus Njoroge, Isaac Brenya and Isaac Sesi. Other finalists are Rachel Sibande and Dr. Lahbib. The participants originated from Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, and Morocco respectively.

The finalists for the second category of the Deep Tech Solutions constitute of Abdoulaye Diallo, Davy Uwizera, Oday Samad, Tobi Dwoeye and Magondu Wairimu. The finalists’ home countries are Guinea, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya in that sequence.

The Personalized Health third category finalists are Conrad Tankou, Joel Gasana, Emmanuel Owoebu, Muranyandzi Rushambwa and Daniel Nyabdza.  This group of finalist originates from different countries in Africa such as Cameroon, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

According to the founder and chair of Next Einstein Forum, Thierry Zomahoun, NEF is committed to supporting the implementation of the projects. He added that the innovative ideas from health, data science, and climate change can solve problems facing the continent currently. He further noted that science drive inventions are the best strategies to transform Africa. For instance, the NEF Ci2i research-based innovations have direct impacts to several communities across the continent.

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