25 young African Agripreneurs advance to $120,000 AfDB ‘boot camp’ final round


Twenty-five innovative agri-tech startups across Africa have been shortlisted for the final round “boot camp” final of the African Development Bank’s AgriPitch competition. This set them closer to $120,000 in seed funding, training, and prizes.

The final round gives entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector an opportunity to make online pitches of their agribusiness proposals to an investor panel who eventually pick the final winners.

The highly competitive event was marked received over 2500 applications, combed through 605 proposals, spread out across 30 countries. Finalists were chosen from 12 nations, who made submissions on the theme Driving Sustainable Nutrition and Gender Inclusivity in Africa’s Agri-Food Systems: Youth Agripreneurs Seize the Decade.” Here are the shortlisted startups.

Positive Strides

Startups were selected in three categories: Mature Business, Startup, and Women-Empowered Business. Out of the applicants received 62% were in women-led businesses or had women make 50% of their management.

The program started on November 3rd and will proceed to the winners’ ceremony held on November 17. Finalists are fully enrolled in the AYAF/AgriPitch online training platform. The program has collaborated with UN Women and the Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa initiative.

AgriPitch finals and eventual winners will be announced on November 16th and 17th. Winners will also be invited to the AYAF online DealRoom connecting youth-led ventures to global investors.


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