5G Mobile Network Launched In South Africa By Vodacom

The 5G Mobile Network will be the first of its kind in the African continent established by Vodacom


Vodacom Group, a mobile operator that is based in South Africa, has turned on the first 5G mobile network in the African continent. It was launched in three major cities in South Africa, and the company also plans to establish the 5G network in other areas in the country.

Just recently, Vodacom had a temporarily added spectrum assigned to it by the country’s telecom regulatory authority. It was for the duration of a national state in disaster to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, which according to a statement by the company has now helped to fast track the launching of the 5G network in the country.

Vodacom’s Chief Executive Officer, Shameel Joosub in February, said, the company had high hopes of providing the 5G mobile services to South Africans this year. It also had plans to use a network built by a different African operator and leader in the industry, Liquid Telecom.

Vodacom’s chief executive also made known that the deployment of the 5G mobile network will assist Vodacom in the management of the 40 percent increase achieved in mobile network traffic, including the 250 percent rise in fixed traffic that the five weeks lockdown has generated.

During this recent nationwide lockdown, online activities increased massively. From movie streaming to video conferencing, internet activities rose geometrically.

However, just three cities now have a 5G mobile network installed. These include Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Vodacom also said that the introduction of the 5G network would provide the needed support for fixed and mobile wireless services in South Africa.

Joosub continued by saying, “Vodacom’s newly launched 5G network in SA came at a critical time. It will help the company to enhance its network efficiency during the global COVID-19 pandemic.


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