AI Added For Enhanced Malware Protection in Redstor

credit: Redstor

TechInAfrica – Data analytics company Redstor has added AI to detect and remove malware issues from backups, the UK-based SaaS business revealed.

With the machine-learning model, it acts as a complementing addition for the malware-free system.

“With many people now expecting to work wherever they need to and whenever they need to, service providers know they need smarter and more intuitive solutions to protect customer data if they are to enjoy recurring revenue and enduring relationships,” Paul Evans, Redstor CEO said.

“Redstor is perfect for the post-COVID world and is already helping to establish our partners as trusted advisors. Quick to demo and deploy, it eliminates the need for hardware and the associated maintenance costs and site visits, and it also allows businesses to scale up or down easily as demand changes.”


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