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COVID-19 Relief  Project In Nigeria Raises and Disburses Over ₦15 Million

COVID-19 relief fund

COVID-19 is causing distress and Nigerian group ‘Better Angels,’ has sought to help.

Several tech entrepreneurs under the group have raised and disbursed over ₦15 million from a crowdfunding initiative launched on April 16.

A little over a week ago, the group launched We are Together, and has so far raised more than ₦17,000,000. According to the group’s website, the donations are meant for Nigerians struggling with socio-economic hard times occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

While the techprenuers say many organizations are doing a great job “on the healthcare side,” theirs is a plan to advance economic help.

In Nigeria, many businesses are shut and most people have been forced to stay at home with no income. The donors’ money is meant for such a group.

COVID-19 relief package

According to the team, a ₦10,000 ($25.7) package is sent to the neediest cases, with an inbuilt protocol used to pick beneficiaries. Applicants must have an account number and bank verification number (BVN).

When the platform’s inbuilt engine picks a beneficiary, the group will send them the funds. People who receive funds can apply again every three weeks. However, for those that don’t, the group advises them to reapply in a fortnight.

The process will continue until the platform shuts, the group says.

Touching on the thorny issue of fraudulence, the group promises a fully transparent and auditable platform. The public can access ‘audit logs’ to see all donors and recipients.

At the time of writing, We are Together had received a total of ₦17,402,318.62 from 183 donations. The number of recipients stood at 1558 with ₦15,580,000 ($40,567.67) disbursed.


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