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Dellyman, Nigerian logistics startup works on same day of last-mile delivery

Dellyman aims to deliver 50,000 to 100,000 worth in daily orders


Dellymanbased in Lagos, is a logistics company that seems to be fast on the rise. The company was launched on March 2019 and went live in January. The company services can be accessed through the web or mobile. The business model aggregates logistic companies pooling their assets into a single platform where customers and retailers can arrange for transportation of their goods.


Dare Ojo-Bello, the founder and CEO opted to build the company after he was unable to get a laptop he bought on Friday, delivered the next day. Affecting his intention to work during the weekend. Ojo-Bello was concerned about why people tend to promise same-day deliveries but fail to honor them.

Despite the positive advances witnessed by the commerce sector internationally, Nigeria is on a positive trajectory – prompted by the logistics sector – but can do better.  The sector is affected by the uneven spread of their assets, lagging technology, ineffectual regulation, idle capacity, low-maintenance, and a consumer confidence gap.

The startup offers creates a point of collaboration between logistic providers and their assets, optimizing customer access in real-time. According to Disrupt Africa, Ojo-Bello mentions how the company provides the delivery infrastructure to e-commerce providers and retailers so they do not have to invest in logistics assets.

Acting as an Uber for logistics, the Dellyman will be facing stiff competition from established brands such as Kobo360, wiki, and Thus far they have only attracted $61,000 worth of funding. However, they charge a 15% commission on all services rendered giving them an ability to compete.

Dellyman is upbeat over the progress they have witnessed thus far and intend to pursue a Serie A round sometime at the end of 2020. Customer numbers have almost but doubled since January. The first week of May saw the company clock 3000 deliveries, up 93% from February.

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