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Digitize our economy! ATCON urges the federal government

The new impetus comes as telcos register 1.96 m new subscribers in March alone


The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria, ATCON is lobbying the federal government to digitize the country’s economy. The association has chided the government to come up with new policies that will kickstart the economy to overcome economic challenges after Covid-19.

Olusola Teniola, the President of ATCON pointed out an adverse multi-sectoral impact on the economy. He made the remarks during an interview with the Guardian in Lagos. He further stressed on the need to adopt ICT strategically to digitize and diversify the economy.

To play a constructive role in confronting the current economic dilemma, ATCON will host virtual discussions to understand the social, political, and economic impact of COVID-19 on the ICT and telecommunication sectors. The conversations will be carried out on the Zoom platform.

A drop in international oil prices to record low numbers forced the Federal government to borrow money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a cushioning measure.

Teniola believes that there is an “urgent need for collaboration” involving the private and public sectors. Only through collaboration can they jumpstart and digitize the Nigerian economy. He pointed out that the need for the government to directly intervene in promoting the development of ICT  infrastructure across all states by offering tax incentives or special intervention funds.

The Mobile Network Operator (MNO) activated 1.96 million new lines in March alone. This was 500,000 times more than the number witnessed in February (1.41m).


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