Ericsson and UNESCO partner to launch digital learning program

Ericsson has created web portals that learners can use to access the Ericsson Educate program at no cost

ericsson digital learning

Ericsson has launched Ericsson Educate, a digital learning program. The online program, useful to both University and secondary school learners, offers learning content that is aimed at enhancing their digital skills.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global education system has been disrupted hence the efforts of the UNESCO-led Global Education Coalition and other interested parties like Ericsson to offer digital education content.

Online learning will be very helpful to over 1.2 billion learners who are now at home and cannot access learning materials in their institutions. The only way to keep the students learning at home is through digital platforms.

Learning institutions, as well as governments across the globe, have to ensure learning continues through online education programs. Digital literacy is key to these students so that they can access online content with ease.

Ericsson rolled out its most recent Connect To Learn approach to provide learning content to all levels. Ericsson has created web portals that learners can use to access the Ericsson Educate program at no cost.

The company seeks to empower learners with digital skills through different courses such as Data Science, 5G network, machine learning, and IoT among others.

Jointly, UNESCO and Ericsson have also incorporated a multi-lingual AI program that is accessible to all parents, teachers, and learners globally.

With such skills students, especially those in universities will be well placed to tackle ICT related jobs. Secondary school students will have an interactive and more interesting learning interface.

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