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The GIBS Entrepreneurship Development Academy’s Survival Toolkit for Startups: Access to free videos

The toolkit comprises of videos on business-related topics like leadership, finance, operations and more, to help South African SMMEs navigate through the challenges that are ahead

The current business climate created by the COVID-19 pandemic, no doubt, is that of distress and uncertainty. There’s no better time for South Africa-based entrepreneurs to rethink, re-strategize, and become more innovative. 


Spotting the incoming challenges, the GIBS Entrepreneurship Development Academy (EDA), in conjunction with J.P Morgan, has set in motion a plan to give small and medium scale businesses access to practical business toolkits. It comprises a series of videos, which SMMEs can access for free.


The primary goal here is to help entrepreneurs sail through the challenges that are ahead and would likely happen during the post-COVID-19 era. The videos contain practical tips, guidelines, and instructions from experts and experienced professionals in various fields. Critical areas that will be looked at include behavioral economics, finance, marketing, operations, leadership and more


SA entrepreneurs can access the videos on GIBS’ YouTube channel. An email helpline is also available for businesses seeking an in-depth explanation on topics that are already covered.


Important Note: The video series is currently available and would end on 29 July 2020. 


You can subscribe to GIBS’ YouTube channel here. You will get constant notification whenever a new video is uploaded on the channel. Here’s the GIBS LinkedIn page.


You can also get the media content on GIBS’ various social media platforms. Check them out below.


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