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Giraffe, SA social-tech enterprise receives grant funding from UNICEF Innovation Fund

UNICEF’s Innovation Fund invests in early stage open source technology that benefits the young


South African job matching platform Giraffe has closed a grant funding round from UNICEF’s innovation fund. The idea behind Giraffe was inspired by co-founders Shafin Anwarsha and Anish Shivdasani to target South Africa’s pertinent youth unemployment problem.

Giraffe was founded in 2015 to reduce unemployment from emerging markets by simplifying the job-seeking process by simplifying the method where the user makes a CV on their cellphone and connects them with the nearest jobs available.

The automated recruitment platform enables businesses to hire large numbers of entry and medium-skilled workers in real-time. The process is fully automated from candidate sourcing to screening to the scheduling of interviews. Qualified candidates are sourced in 48 hours.

Businesses scouting for staff post their jobs online at The algorithm will run a match on the pre-screened applicant pool, then contact the most suited. Applicants are pre-screened for the jobs, a process that requires them to submit a voice note proving their eligibility. Employers then log into the dashboard, view the top shortlists, and listen to their voice notes.

Automation of the recruitment process saves employers a lot in time and expense. Business owners get the best recruits while spending less. Giraffe is unique as it’s centered on entry and medium-skilled jobs which are mostly done by the youth – a vital market segment for UNICEF.

Over the next decade, the African workforce will grow at a higher rate than the rest of the world. The annual PWC 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, 2019 showed over 79% of global CEO’s expressing their concern on the availability of skills for the continent’s jobs. The figure was higher among  African business leaders at 87%, of whom 45% were extremely concerned.

In an interview at AfricaCom, Giraffe CEO Anish Shivdasani described Giraffe as a mobile job matching platform that works with any cellphone and free for all mobile users across South Africa. Their target market is a million people and it keeps growing by the day. On the employer side, Giraffe helps them get the best candidates for the job. Their main focus is on people earning less than R20,000 a month.


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