Google launches an insight hub for Sub-Saharan Africa to consolidate local marketing research


The website dubbed “Think with Google” is designed to help marketers get all the insights they need. The launch was announced by Asha Patel who is the Head of Google SMB Marketing in the Sub-Saharan region.

Mr. Patel highlighted the commitment of Google to “walk alongside marketers and business leaders” as they confront the ever-changing challenges facing the market. Patel points out how the new platform provides “data” and “a deeper understanding and perspectives” designed for marketers ad business people across the region.

“Think with Google” borrows insights and case studies from African organizations and marketers working with Google. For instance, Multichoice achieved a 238 percent rise in viewership after offering free content.

Google helps marketers remain at par with the rapidly changing environment. The new data & insights help in decision-making. The website helps marketers examine the brands he represents.

Think with Google started in 2013 branded as ‘Think Insights’ to the give the marketers insights into customer and cultural trends from Google’s data bank. Google remains a resource hub for marketers worldwide and houses top international sites with information targeting marketers in the Asia Pacific, North Africa, Middle East, Benelux, and finally sub-Saharan Africa.


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